Simpler LPA forms? Surely not!

On 1 July, new versions of the Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA) forms became available. The aim is to make them easier and more user friendly.

To help with the transition, the Office of the Public Guardian (OPG) you can use both the new and old forms until 1 January 2016.  The OPG will register LPAs using the old forms provided they are signed and completed correctly by 1 January 2016.  After 1 January 2016 it’s the new forms only.

The new forms incorporate the application for registration. This should cut down on the time they take to complete.

The need to notify individuals of your wish to register your LPA is now optional. Only one certificate provider is now needed to confirm that you made the LPA without influence and by free will.

Making an LPA is in itself not a complex exercise. But how the LPA impacts upon your family, your assets and your future is. Remember these documents give power over your affairs to others. Obtaining professional advice is essential to ensure your LPA is right: for you; your family; and your circumstances.

We work flexibly with you. We can prepare the documents and provide advice. Or you can prepare them and we will check they’re ok and provide advice on the surrounding issues.

For more information, advice, guidance, or support contact us – it’s what we do!

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 Published by Kelly Duke 16 July 2015