Attendance Allowance

Do you incur extra costs for help around the home because of illness or disability?

If you are over 65 and incur extra costs to live on a daily basis because of illness or disability, you might be eligible for extra funds to help meet this additional financial burden.

Attendance allowance is a non means tested benefit. It is paid to individuals who need help during the day or night to care for themselves, who need supervision with daily activities or need assistance to prevent them from putting themselves in danger.

If you have needed assistance for at least six months you may be eligible for financial support.  If you have been diagnosed with a terminal illness and you are not expected to live for more than six months you will be eligible for a payment.

Attendance allowance covers assistance with things like:-
•    Washing
•    Dressing
•    Getting in and out of bed
•    Using the loo
•    Moving around at home ie climbing the stairs, getting in and out of chairs
•    Eating or drinking and preparing food
•    Taking medication
•    Dealing socially with other people
•    Keeping an eye on you to make sure you are safe

Whilst attendance allowance is paid when you stay at home you can also claim this benefit if you live in a residential or nursing home.  If you pay for the costs of your care, in full, with no help from the local authority you can still receive attendance allowance.

This benefit is not claimed by everyone who is entitled.  It should be.  You have not asked to have an illness or a disability that makes it difficult to manage each day.

Apply for attendance allowance now so you can begin to get the help and support you need each and every day.

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Published by Claire Godwin 18 July 2016