Wills: plain & simple they enable you to choose what happens to your estate on death

There is nothing more important than ensuring that all you have worked hard for passes to those who matter to you upon death. Preparing and signing a Will allows you to think about your wishes and ensure they will be honoured upon your death.

Without a Will you have no say in how your estate will be dealt with or by whom. The Rules of Intestacy will govern what happens to your assets if you do not have a Will. Your family may not have all that you wish or their future may be complicated by assets going elsewhere. It can also lead to delay in Probate as no one has any immediate authority to deal with your estate.

You decide when you make a Will who you leave your assets to. As soon as you begin to save, purchase your first home, have your first child or inherit money a Will becomes more important. It needs to be reviewed regularly and particularly when there is a life changing event (e.g. a birth, marriage, death or inheritance).

As long as you are able to give instructions and have capacity to make a Will you can. You choose who you want to be your executor. You choose who you want to be the guardian of your young children. You choose who you leave your personal items to and you choose who you want to receive your money, your home and your stocks and shares.

Many people think that making a Will is easy. It can be, but your assets, the value of those assets, your personal circumstances and where you live can make things much more complicated. Wills can help with these complications too. However, the real value in making a Will in our opinion is the surrounding aspects: the opportunity to consider the future; to plan; to consider things that normally get overtaken by living life (or work); and the advice we provide.

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