Bereavement Benefits

Did you know you might be eligible for bereavement benefits?

You might be eligible for additional benefits if you lose your spouse.

•    you were under the state pension age; or
•    your spouse was under the state pension age; or
•    your spouse was over the state pension age when they died but was not entitled to a basic pension based on their contributions

you could receive a lump sum Bereavement Payment.

You might also be able to receive a payment of Widowed Parent’s Allowance if:

•    you are entitled to child benefit for one of your children or children of your spouse; or
•    you are entitled to child benefit but do not receive it as your spouse was within the High Income Child Benefit bracket; or
•    your spouses was receiving child benefit; or
•    you are pregnant

If you are entitled to Widow’s Parent Allowance the amount you could receive will be based on the National Insurance contributions of your spouse.

You may also be eligible for Bereavement Allowance if you were over 45 when your spouse died, if they had paid enough National Insurance contributions.  If you are between 45 and 55 you will not receive the full amount of the allowance but if you are over 55 the full amount could be paid to you.

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Published by Claire Godwin 5 September 2016