Carer’s Allowance

Do you spend your life caring for someone?

Did you know you could claim carer’s allowance if you help to look after a family member or friend with substantial caring needs.  As long as you are over 16 and help for at least 35 hours a week you may be eligible for a weekly payment.

If you receive carer’s allowance you may also be able to claim other benefits but sometimes this might result in a reduction to existing benefits.  The government provide a benefits calculator which will let you know whether you can claim, how much and the effect on other benefits.  You can find this at

Carer’s allowance can also affect the benefits of the person you care for.  If they are in receipt of a severe disability premium this will stop if carer’s allowance is paid so caution is needed before an application is made to prevent loss of benefits.

Few people also know that you can receive a carer’s credit if you are caring for someone at least 20 hours a week.  This is a National Insurance credit that helps with breaks in your National Insurance contribution record.  This will help to ensure you maximise your entitlement to state pension as you get older. To obtain an application form you can download information from

If you cannot access the internet and would like more information about these entitlements call the carer’s allowance team on: 0345 608 4321

If you do not know where to go or what to do call us for advice, guidance and support – it’s what we do!

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Published by Kelly Duke 15 July 2016