Court of Protection

Court of Protection

The Court of Protection is a special court created to protect vulnerable individuals. The Office of the Public Guardian is the administrative arm of the Court of Protection and it deals with:

  • registration of Powers of Attorney; and
  • monitoring of Deputies and Attorneys through supervision; and
  • bringing cases to court where Deputies or Attorneys have acted incorrectly.

The Court of Protection:

  • makes decisions on the appointment of deputies for Property & Financial Affairs needs;
  • makes decisions on the appointment of deputies for Health & Welfare needs;
  • makes rulings on continuing appointments in the face of adverse information; and
  • deals with disputes which need the Court’s involvement

Where someone lacks capacity, the Court of Protection decides whether to appoint a deputy. The Court also oversees the process for putting in place a Will for someone lacking capacity. For those who cannot make decisions for themselves, they make rulings on estate planning and gifting.

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