Personal Items

Personal Items

Whatever else is in the estate often it is the personal items that will cause the most arguments. It is sensible to prepare a Letter of Wishes to sit with your Will to clearly identify which personal and sentimental items you wish to pass to a particular individual.

For individuals who died before 1 October 2014 personal items include:

  • carriages, horses, stable furniture
  • cars and accessories
  • items of household or garden ornament
  • domestic pets
  • jewellery
  • musical and scientific equipment
  • but not any items used in a business

For those who died after 1 October 2014 personal items are now defined as tangible moveable property. This includes all items mentioned above but still does not include items used in a business, money or property held as an investment.

There are many different ways in which personal items can be dealt with in a Will. You could list each individual item specifying who you would like to receive it. But it is often easier to include a clause leaving your personal items to your trustees to distribute. You can then simply write a letter, signed and dated by you, to keep with your Will setting out your wishes. The letter can be updated at any time without having to change your Will.