Personal Representatives (Executors / Administrators)

Personal Representatives

Personal representatives are people who handle the administration of an estate. There are two types of personal representatives:

  • Executors: appointed by a Will to administer the estate under the terms of the Will. Their power comes from the Will and they have authority to act straight away. The Probate Registry issues Executors with a Grant of Probate to confirm their appointment.
  • Administrators: these are personal representatives appointed by the Probate Registry to handle an estate. Usually administrators act where there is no Will or where there is a problem with the Will. The people who can act as administrators are set out in the Rules of Intestacy.

Have you been appointed as an executor? Or are you thinking about taking on the role of administrator? Call us to discuss the duties and responsibilities that apply before you act. Our support and advice service provides valuable support to ensure you act correctly at all times.