A helping hand when you need it…

It isn’t always about giving and receiving advice. Sometimes you just need a bit of guidance to guide you through difficult times or situations. This is one of the reasons why Argo is different.

We appreciate that you may wish to do things yourself but do not know how to get started or the direction to go in. Sometimes it is just about having a friendly person on the end of the telephone.

For this reason Argo offer a guidance and support service to our clients. If you have drafted your Will or have prepared your own Power of Attorney we will check it over for you. If you want us to act as a Certificate Provider on your Lasting Powers of Attorney we can.

If you are appointed to act as an executor, a trustee, an attorney or a deputy but are not familiar, or do not understand your duties and responsibilities, we provide you with the knowledge so you can act to the best of your ability.

If you wish to administer an estate yourself, because you need to and you want to, we will check your paperwork to make sure it is completed correctly and help you obtain the grant of representation to administer the estate.

If accounting is not your strong point we offer support to prepare estate accounts, trust accounts or Court of Protection accounts. You provide the information we provide the finished product.

If you need deeds and documents prepared to help with the administration of a trust but wish to deal with the daily administration yourself, that’s fine. We can help with what you need.

For us it is about being there for you, in whatever form you need us.