10 Reasons to make a Will right now


Are you thinking you really should make a Will, yet it’s a job which you never get round to?

Is making a Will one of those which you keep putting off; something you’ll do one day but just not right now?

Here we look at 10 reasons why to consider just getting on and doing it.

1)      If not now, when?

The need to write a Will is rarely on your mind. However, you’re thinking about it now in reading this. If you don’t act now, when will you? Next year? In 10 years? Maybe 20? It is a job that needs doing but you never know when by.

2)     Writing a Will brings peace of mind

Peace of mind for you, knowing things are in order, but also to loved ones who are spared any added complications at a difficult time. A Will makes it easier for your estate to be distributed.

3)   You can create your Will at a convenient time

What works best for you? Would you like an evening appointment, a weekend one or even a home visit? One of the key benefits of Argo Life & Legacy is that we will work around your schedule.

4)     Leaving a Will shows you care

Creating a Will is more than just an important administrative task. Creating a Will shows you care and you love, that you are willing to take the time to document the many people who matter in your life.

5)     Parents with young children – you need a Will

Have you had a discussion with your partner about what would happen to the children if you both died? A Will sets out clearly who should look after your children if the worst were to happen.

6)      Not married yet?

If you aren’t married, your partner could miss out completely if you don’t make a Will. A Will is important even if you plan to marry, but it is essential if you don’t as otherwise your partner is left without any safeguard.

7)      Not divorced yet?

If you are in the process of getting divorced, your soon-to-be ex-wife or husband could still inherit. This might not be what you want, so you need an Interim Will in this scenario.

8)      Minimise the taxman’s take

As the saying goes, the only two certainties are death and taxes. We can ensure you are taking advantage of any available tax relief to at least mitigate one of the certainties…

9)      Reflect what’s important in your life

How often do you get to think about your life, the people you love, the achievements and milestones? Creating a Will gives you a rare opportunity for ‘me time’ with the focus on what’s important to you.

 10)   It’s neither expensive or time consuming

At Argo Life & Legacy, we agree a fixed fee with you prior to starting. And don’t forget we can work around your schedule – call us on 01227 700 702 today for an appointment.