CILEx Regulation


We are now regulated by the Chartered Institute of Legal Executives (CILEx).

CILEx Authorised Entity

This is great news for us, not least because it took a fair bit of time and effort to put it all together,  but what does it all mean and why should you care?

In short, one way of looking at it means we’ve been checked over by a regulatory body and declared fit for purpose. In reality, that was the case already when we were members of the Institute of Professional Willwriters (IPW) though they are not a regulatory body.

In practical terms it means:

  • more peace of mind for our clients that they are dealing with a regulated company and qualified staff;
  • we can now conduct one of the 6 reserved activities: namely Probate applications which will enable us to provide a more seamless service in that area;
  • for our staff, it means they can continue being members of CILEx and enhance their qualifications further; and
  • for me, it means I can drop the confusing ‘non-practicing’ bit I had to put before solicitor (!)

When it comes to the provision of legal services, there is a huge difference between regulated and unregulated and between qualified and unqualified. When seeking legal advice it is essential you check that the people you go to are qualified to provide that advice – whether they are regulated or not.

If they are unregulated, make sure they are members of a body with a code of practice such as the IPW – IPW members have to put insurance in place to protect consumers and a complaint handling procedure.

Amongst our staff we have a solicitor, a Fellow of CILEx, an Associate of CILEx, and a student member of CILEx. Our Fellow of CILEx is also a full member of the Society of Trust & Estate Practitioners and Solicitors for the Elderly. None of us dabble in other areas of law – we are specialists with years of experience keen to help others.

For advice, guidance and support contact us – it’s what we do.

T: 01227 700 702



Published by Simon Crooks 19 May 2016