KCC Local Account

KCC’s Local Account

Have you heard about KCC’s local account?

If you have not heard about the local account which is being undertaken by KCC at the moment don’t worry nor have most people!

What is it?

The local account is a report that is prepared by Kent County Council to advise the residents of the county of its achievements, improvements and challenges within the Social Services department during the last year.  It also sets out their vision for the future of Social Services and social care in Kent.  All local authorities now have to produce a document like this which is completed in partnership with the residents of the county.  The 2014/15 account is now available from KCC for review along with an invitation to be involved for the future.

The 2014/15 account is the fourth annual report for Kent’s Adult Social Care.  It provides an update on all key areas which challenge social care in Kent and provides information which has been requested by the residents.

Top issues in the 2014/15 year were:

1.    Personal care packages
2.    Equipment
3.    Funding queries
4.    Case manager’s details
5.    Case manager’s response rates
6.    Who can help with what
7.    Options for elderly and vulnerable adults
8.    Whether individuals are known to Social Services

So here are some facts:
  • Of the 1.51 million people living in Kent 34,424 are known to Social Services.
  • Of these 21,902 are over the age of 65 and 10,160 are over the age of 85.
  • The population of Kent is ageing. The number of over 65 year olds is expected to increase by 43.4% by 2026.
  • In the West Kent clinical commissioning area (which covers Maidstone, Tunbridge Wells, Tonbridge and Malling and Sevenoaks) there is a registered population of 466,063.
  • In the 2014/15 year Social Services assessed 23,971 people in relation to their care needs and assessed 19,216 carers.  They helped 12,356 people to remain in their own home with support and they helped 2,660 people with day care support.
  • Of the individuals who use Social Services 4,064 were placed in permanent residential care and 1,243 were placed in permanent nursing care.
What does this mean for you?

Based on the figures provided by KCC only 2.1% of the population of Kent are known to Social Services.

This means:

  • 98% of the population is not on the local authority’s radar.
  • For this 98% there is a lack of information available to them in relation to care as you get older and your health deteriorates.
  • Whilst the local authority has a legal duty to assess everyone for help and support it is clear that the majority of the county do not seek help from this source.
  • For the majority, you will not be helped with funding and support relating to staying at home or moving into a residential placement.  You will not be helped with equipment, grants or adaptations around your home to help you stay independent.
Where do you go?

Well that’s easy – Argo Life and Legacy !

We deal with the remaining 98% of the population who do not access Social Services.  We join the dots when Social Services does not.  We do not just simply write your Will or prepare your Lasting Powers of Attorney.  We do so much more.

We will advise you in relation to care funding and let you know whether you are entitled to help and support or have to fund your own care.  We will advise you of the best way to manage any financial support you do receive from Social Services.  We can help to build your care packages, co-ordinate your medical and health assessments and get you back on your feet again if you are struggling with managing your financial affairs.

And, whatever we do for you, we do it with a smile and a helping hand.  We care about our clients and want their lives to be as fulfilling and enjoyable as they can be.  Age has no boundaries and we help our clients see that it does not.

If you do not know where to go or what to do call us for advice, guidance and support – it’s what we do!

T: 01227 700 702

E: info@argolifeandlegacy.co.uk

W: www.argolifeandlegacy.co.uk

Published by Kelly Duke 8 June 2016