Support when you need it

Support when you need it

Mr and Mrs S were overjoyed to discover they were expecting the birth of their first child.  They had a perfectly normal pregnancy and labour started without a problem.  Unfortunately, complications set in. Due to the negligence of hospital staff their healthy baby was starved of oxygen and was born with cerebral palsy.

The next seven years were spent fighting a negligence claim to ensure their son had sufficient funds to provide for full time care and support for as long as it was needed.  During this time Mrs S was not able to work and Mr S had to give up working full time to help care for his son.  Debts spiralled and their quality of life deteriorated. The local authority property which had been provided was inadequate to meet their needs. It was also small, damp, cramped, and badly located.

Before the negligence claim was settled we helped Mr and Mrs S refinance their debts to a more manageable level.  We applied for grants to install specialist equipment in their home to make daily living more acceptable.  We liaised with the local authority about the condition of their home and arranged for improvements to be made to make the property more habitable.

When the negligence claim settled it was a huge change for the family and meant that they could finally start to rebuild their life.  We held their hands and guided them through the change from fighting a consuming litigation case to planning for their future.

We helped them apply to the Court of Protection to become a Deputy for their son.  This enabled them to manage his finances for his lifetime.  We helped them :

•    put in place a physio, occupational therapy, and an alternative therapy programme to ensure that their son had as much healthcare support as he needed;
•    accept professional domiciliary support at home. This allowed them to work, rest, and take a break from the pressures of looking after a severely disabled child;
•  arrange a long overdue holiday including specialist travel arrangements, insurance, and hospital provision for treatment;
•    in the purchase of a new disabled vehicle so that their son could be moved in his wheelchair easily by his parents.

The biggest life change involved their home.  We helped them find a suitable bungalow and had plans drawn up to convert it for their needs. We worked with them to obtain planning permission, and worked with the architects, builders, and specialist equipment providers to make the family a home.

We work with vulnerable adults and children and their families to help them regain their lives and navigate the difficulties which come with personal injury. If you need support or know someone who does we can help.

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 Published by Kelly Duke 24 July 2015