The Care Act – what does it really mean??

The Care Act – what does it really mean??

The introduction of the Care Act in April 2015 is changing the face of care.  News headlines have not clarified what Act actually means for those who require care and those who care for them.  Its aim is clear, however,  to focus on the needs of individuals requiring care and their carers.

But how does all of this affect you:-

1.    Local authorities now have a responsibility to maintain your personal dignity, well being and protect you from abuse with you included and central to all decisions made about you

2.    The local authority must have regard to you, your wishes, thoughts and feelings.  These should never be ignored – you are best placed to know what is best for you

3.    The local authority must provide you with information and advice about the provision of care where you live – if you have money to pay for your care the local authority must help you – they can no longer abandon you!

4.    If you require local authority assistance to fund your care you no longer you will be allocated a personal budget which can be paid directly to you so you can find the care agency of your choosing to provide help you need

5.    Carers are now entitled to support and assistance.  If you care for someone you can ask for a support assessment to see what help you need.  Do you need help with housework because you spend all your time caring for your loved one?

Now for the numbers!

1.    You will be able to keep more money – you are allowed to retain £118,000 from your savings when paying for care which you can then pass to your family on death
2.    If you need nursing care you will only have to pay £72,000 for this – be aware however this is NURSING only – you will still have to pay extra if your care is more expensive, if you require support in excess of the care and support package and for your general living costs of residential care ie food, energy bills and accommodation
3.    The care cap will not be introduced until 2020 therefore any nursing contributions paid before this will not be included
4.    You can still keep your home.  The local authority can pay your fees but they will secure a charge against your home which will now attract interest each year

Care is not easy.  It is confusing and scary.  Make sure you know what you are entitled to and that you protect your family and finances by receiving timely advice. 

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Published by Kelly Duke 7 September 2015