Personal Independence Payment (PIP)

I keep hearing about PIP but what is it?

Personal Independence Payment (PIP) has replaced the well known Disability Living Allowance. All new claimants from 8 April 2013 will be assessed for PIP.

Existing claimants will be phased over to the new payment from 8 April 2013.  The payment will help with additional costs incurred if you have an illness or disability which makes your life difficult on a daily basis.

To claim you must be between 16 and 64.  Your long term health condition or disability must cause you difficulties with daily living and mobility and have been in existence for three months.  The condition or disability must be expected to last for at least nine months.  If you are terminally ill apply immediately.
If you have additional needs and are over 65 you must claim attendance allowance.

Daily living activities will be things like:

•    Preparing and eating food
•    Washing, bathing and using the loo
•    Dressing and undressing

•    Reading and communicating
•    Managing medication
•    Helping with decisions about money
•    Socialising with others

The amount of the payment which is made will depend upon how your condition affects you, not the condition itself.  An assessment is undertaken to work out how much help you need and this will be kept under regular review to make sure you are receiving assistance at the right level.  The assessment will be conducted by an independent healthcare professional appointed by the DWP and may take the form of a face to face meeting.

The movement of individuals to PIP is proving very problematic for a large number of families.  Local Citizen’s Advice Bureaux have become rather good at wading through the assessment paperwork and helping appeal decisions that are considered incorrect.

Do not be put off claiming PIP or challenging an assessment if you do not think it is correct.

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Published by Claire Godwin 11 August 2016