Where’s the fun in making a Will?

An independent financial advisor and I were discussing the reluctance of many clients to commit to making a Will. Both he and I have found that when we talk with people about Wills they readily accept they should do it and agree they will do it.

Yet it can sometimes take months, or in some cases years, for them to make the call and set a date to actually do it.

Generally I put this down to life getting in the way, there is always something more immediate, more pressing, that grabs our attention pushing the Will writing down the pecking order on the to do list (not unlike cleaning the gutters).

The IFA’s take on it was that there’s no fun in making a Will. He felt that clients more readily sit down with him because there’s some fun involved whereas writing a Will is all doom and gloom. It is not, alas, a luxury purchase. It is more like insurance – you don’t want to do it but you know you should.

So is this right? Is there really no fun in making a Will? I am clearly biased and can wax lyrical on the benefits that accrue once you have got one in place – even if it is simply a case of being able to tick a job off the never ending to do list! So where is the fun?

The problem is I see the other side of things when people don’t get round to writing their Wills or planning ahead for the ‘what if’s’. I guess the fun is actually the re-assurance that if it all goes badly south at least you have put the documents in place to ensure your loved ones will have an easier time of it. Cheering isn’t it? No, not particularly yet far better than not doing it.

Nope, writing a Will is not about fun. It’s serious. Not having a Will can be disastrous. Even if you think it will be fine without one isn’t it better to be sure? An initial call costs nothing and you’ll get the information you need.

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Published by Simon Crooks 10 November 2016